Big 12 Championship Brackets Released

Press release by the Big 12

The pairings have been announced for the 2021 Big 12 Wrestling Championship set to take place on March 6-7 at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Championship begins Saturday at 11 a.m. CT with preliminary & quarterfinal matches, while the Saturday night session starting at 5 p.m. CT features semifinal and consolation quarterfinal matches. Sunday’s consolation semis, third and fifth-place matches start at 10 a.m. CT with the final culminating at 5 p.m. CT.

Big 12 Now on ESPN+ will broadcast the first three sessions of the event, while the championship round will air on ESPN2 beginning at 5 p.m. CT.
This is the sixth neutral-site conference championship for the sport and the fifth in Tulsa. Last year, the Oklahoma State Cowboys won their eighth consecutive team title and their 18th Big 12 title overall. The wrestlers participating in the Big 12 Championship will be competing for berths into the NCAA Wrestling Championship.

Tickets for the 2021 Big 12 Wrestling Championship can be purchased online at All fans will be in POD seating, which increases distancing and minimizes fan crossover when entering and exiting their seats. Fans must purchase all tickets in a selected POD group, available in select section groupings of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 seats.

2021 Big 12 Wrestling Championship Schedule (times are subject to change)

Saturday, March 6
Session 1: Preliminary & Quarterfinal Matches [Big 12 Now on ESPN+] – 11 a.m. CT
Session 2: Semifinal & Consolation Quarterfinal Matches [Big 12 Now on ESPN+]  – 5 p.m. CT

Sunday, March 7
Session 3: Consolation Semifinals, Third & Fifth Place Matches  [Big 12 Now on ESPN+] – 10 a.m. CT
Session 4: Championship Matches [ESPN2] – 5 p.m.  CT

Preliminary Seeds: BIG 10 Championships

Press release from the BIG 10

ROSEMONT, Ill. – The Big Ten Conference announced the preliminary seeds for the 2021 Big Ten Wrestling Championships, which are set for March 6-7 at Penn State. Six schools boast at least one top-seeded wrestler, with Iowa leading the way with four No. 1 seeds. The pre-seeds, as voted on by the conference’s coaches, rank 14 starters in all 10 weight classes.

The Hawkeyes boast four top-seeded wrestlers, with 125-pounder Spencer Lee, 141-pounder Jaydin Eierman, 165-pounder Alex Marinelli and 174-pounder Michael Kemerer. Minnesota’s Gable Steveson (285), Nebraska’s Eric Schultz (197), Northwestern’s Ryan Deakin (157), Ohio State’s Sammy Sasso (149), along with Penn State’s Roman Bravo-Young (133) and Aaron Brooks (184) round out the group of top-ranked grapplers.

This year’s field contains a combined six Big Ten individual championships (five wrestlers) and two NCAA individual championships (one wrestler).

For more information on the 2021 Big Ten Wrestling Championships, visit the Big Ten Championships Central page HERE. The complete list of Big Ten Championships pre-seeds can be found below.

125 LBS.

  1. Spencer Lee, Iowa
  2. Liam Cronin, Nebraska
  3. Malik Heinselman, Ohio State
  4. Patrick McKee, Minnesota
  5. Rayvon Foley, Michigan State
  6. Eric Barnett, Wisconsin
  7. Devin Schroder, Purdue
  8. Michael DeAugustino, Northwestern
  9. Dylan Ragusin, Michigan
  10. Justin Cardani, Illinois
  11. Robert Howard, Penn State
  12. Jacob Moran, Indiana
  13. Dylan Shawver, Rutgers
  14. Zach Spence, Maryland

133 LBS.

  1. Roman Bravo-Young, Penn State
  2. Austin DeSanto, Iowa
  3. Sammy Alvarez, Rutgers
  4. Lucas Byrd, Illinois
  5. Chris Cannon, Northwestern
  6. Jack Medley, Michigan
  7. Boo Dryden, Minnesota
  8. Jordan Decatur, Ohio State
  9. Jacob Rundell, Purdue
  10. Kyle Burwick, Wisconsin
  11. Tucker Sjomeling, Nebraska
  12. Jordan Hamdan, Michigan State
  13. Kyle Luigs, Indiana
  14. Jackson Cockrell, Maryland

141 LBS.

  1. Jaydin Eierman, Iowa
  2. Nick Lee, Penn State
  3. Sebastian Rivera, Rutgers
  4. Chad Red, Nebraska
  5. Dylan Duncan, Illinois
  6. Marcos Polanco, Minnesota
  7. Dylan D’Emilio, Ohio State
  8. Drew Mattin, Michigan
  9. Parker Filius, Purdue
  10. Cayden Rooks, Indiana
  11. Danny Bertoni, Maryland
  12. Matt Santos, Michigan State
  13. Colin Valdiviez, Northwestern
  14. Dominic Dentino, Wisconsin

149 LBS.

  1. Sammy Sasso, Ohio State
  2. Max Murin, Iowa
  3. Griffin Parriott, Purdue
  4. Yahya Thomas, Northwestern
  5. Kanen Storr, Michigan
  6. Michael Blockhus, Minnesota
  7. Ridge Lovett, Nebraska
  8. Mike VanBrill, Rutgers
  9. Graham Rooks, Indiana
  10. Peyton Omania, Michigan State
  11. Beau Bartlett, Penn State
  12. Drew Scharenbrock, Wisconsin
  13. Christian Kanzler, Illinois
  14. Michael North, Maryland

157 LBS.

  1. Ryan Deakin, Northwestern
  2. Kaleb Young, Iowa
  3. Brayton Lee, Minnesota
  4. Kendall Coleman, Purdue
  5. Brady Berge, Penn State
  6. Will Lewan, Michigan
  7. Chase Saldate, Michigan State
  8. Garrett Model, Wisconsin
  9. Elijah Cleary, Ohio State
  10. Caleb Licking, Nebraska
  11. Michael Doetsch, Maryland
  12. Johnny Mologousis, Illinois
  13. Luke Baughman, Indiana

165 LBS.

  1. Alex Marinelli, Iowa
  2. Dan Braunagel, Illinois
  3. Ethan Smith, Ohio State
  4. Cameron Amine, Michigan
  5. Andrew Sparks, Minnesota
  6. Joe Lee, Penn State
  7. Peyton Robb, Nebraska
  8. Jake Tucker, Michigan State
  9. Nick South, Indiana
  10. Gerrit Nijenhuis, Purdue
  11. Jonathan Spadafora, Maryland
  12. David Ferrante, Northwestern
  13. Brett Donner, Rutgers
  14. Josh Otto, Wisconsin

174 LBS.

  1. Michael Kemerer, Iowa
  2. Mikey Labriola, Nebraska
  3. Carter Starocci, Penn State
  4. Logan Massa, Michigan
  5. Donnell Washington, Indiana
  6. Kaleb Romero, Ohio State
  7. Jackson Turley, Rutgers
  8. Jared Krattiger, Wisconsin
  9. Jake Allar, Minnesota
  10. Drew Hughes, Michigan State
  11. DJ Shannon, Illinois
  12. Emil Soehnlen, Purdue
  13. Troy Fisher, Northwestern
  14. Philip Spadafora, Maryland

184 LBS.

  1. Aaron Brooks, Penn State
  2. Christopher Weiler, Wisconsin
  3. Layne Malczewski, Michigan State
  4. Owen Webster, Minnesota
  5. John Poznanski, Rutgers
  6. Taylor Venz, Nebraska
  7. Max Lyon, Purdue
  8. Zach Braunagel, Illinois
  9. Nelson Brands, Iowa
  10. Rocky Jordan, Ohio State
  11. Kyle Cochran, Maryland
  12. Jaden Bullock, Michigan
  13. Jon Halvorsen, Northwestern
  14. Santos Cantu III, Indiana

197 LBS.

  1. Eric Schultz, Nebraska
  2. Myles Amine, Michigan
  3. Jacob Warner, Iowa
  4. Cam Caffey, Michigan State
  5. Lucas Davison, Northwestern
  6. Thomas Penola, Purdue
  7. Michael Beard, Penn State
  8. Matt Wroblewski, Illinois
  9. Gavin Hoffman, Ohio State
  10. Billy Janzer, Rutgers
  11. Garrett Joles, Minnesota
  12. Jaron Smith, Maryland
  13. Nick Willham, Indiana
  14. Andrew Salemme, Wisconsin

285 LBS.

  1. Gable Steveson, Minnesota
  2. Mason Parris, Michigan
  3. Tony Cassioppi Iowa
  4. Luke Luffman, Illinois
  5. Christian Lance, Nebraska
  6. Trent Hillger, Wisconsin
  7. Greg Kerkvliet, Penn State
  8. Tate Orndorff, Ohio State
  9. Christian Rebottaro Michigan State
  10. Jack Heyob, Northwestern
  11. Christian Colucci, Rutgers
  12. Dorian Keys, Purdue
  13. Rudy Streck, Indiana
  14. Garrett Kappes, Maryland

RESULTS: PAC-12 Championships

Team Scores

1 Arizona State University 138.0
2 Oregon State 123.0
3 Stanford 115.5
4 Cal Poly 107.0
5 CSU Bakersfield 97.5
6 Little Rock 69.0


1st Place – Brandon Courtney of Arizona State University
2nd Place – Jackson DiSario of Stanford
3rd Place – Brandon Kaylor of Oregon State
4th Place – Antonio Lorenzo of Cal Poly
5th Place – Eddie Flores of CSU Bakersfield
6th Place – Khyler Brewer of Little Rock

1st Place Match
Brandon Courtney (Arizona State University) 12-0, Sr. over Jackson DiSario (Stanford) 8-3, So. (Dec 6-2)

3rd Place Match
Brandon Kaylor (Oregon State) 8-3, RS So. over Antonio Lorenzo (Cal Poly) 4-5, RS Fr. (Dec 3-1)

5th Place Match
Eddie Flores (CSU Bakersfield) 1-4, RS So. over Khyler Brewer (Little Rock) 4-10, RS Fr. (Inj. 0:00)


1st Place – Devan Turner of Oregon State
2nd Place – Chance Rich of CSU Bakersfield
3rd Place – Michael McGee of Arizona State University
4th Place – Paul Bianchi of Little Rock
5th Place – Jason Miranda of Stanford
6th Place – Benny Martinez of Cal Poly

1st Place Match
Devan Turner (Oregon State) 5-3, RS Sr. over Chance Rich (CSU Bakersfield) 4-1, RS So. (Dec 3-1)

3rd Place Match
Michael McGee (Arizona State University) 8-1, RS Jr. over Paul Bianchi (Little Rock) 10-5, RS Sr. (MD 12-3)

5th Place Match
Jason Miranda (Stanford) 6-4, Fr. over Benny Martinez (Cal Poly) 1-9, Jr. (MD 9-0)


1st Place – Grant Willits of Oregon State
2nd Place – Real Woods of Stanford
3rd Place – Angelo Martinoni of CSU Bakersfield
4th Place – Lawrence Saenz of Cal Poly
5th Place – Conner Ward of Little Rock
6th Place – Julian Chlebove of Arizona State University

1st Place Match
Grant Willits (Oregon State) 8-2, RS Jr. over Real Woods (Stanford) 2-1, So. (Fall 4:42)

3rd Place Match
Angelo Martinoni (CSU Bakersfield) 5-1, RS So. over Lawrence Saenz (Cal Poly) 4-4, Jr. (Inj. 0:24)

5th Place Match
Conner Ward (Little Rock) 2-13, RS So. over Julian Chlebove (Arizona State University) 6-7, So. (Fall 2:30)


1st Place – Jaden Abas of Stanford
2nd Place – Legend Lamer of Cal Poly
3rd Place – Cory Crooks of Arizona State University
4th Place – Lane Stigall of Oregon State
5th Place – Kalani Tonge of CSU Bakersfield
6th Place – Kyle Prewitt of Little Rock

1st Place Match
Jaden Abas (Stanford) 9-2, RS Fr. over Legend Lamer (Cal Poly) 11-1, RS Fr. (Dec 10-5)

3rd Place Match
Cory Crooks (Arizona State University) 8-4, RS Fr. over Lane Stigall (Oregon State) 5-6, RS Jr. (Dec 7-2)

5th Place Match
Kalani Tonge (CSU Bakersfield) 1-4, RS Sr. over Kyle Prewitt (Little Rock) 2-12, RS Fr. (Dec 6-1)


1st Place – Jacori Teemer of Arizona State University
2nd Place – Hunter Willits of Oregon State
3rd Place – Requir Van der Merwe of Stanford
4th Place – Brawley Lamer of Cal Poly
5th Place – Joey Bianchi of Little Rock
6th Place – Brock Rogers of CSU Bakersfield

1st Place Match
Jacori Teemer (Arizona State University) 7-1, Jr. over Hunter Willits (Oregon State) 7-3, Sr. (Dec 9-4)

3rd Place Match
Requir Van der Merwe (Stanford) 7-2, RS Sr. over Brawley Lamer (Cal Poly) 3-5, RS Jr. (MD 10-1)

5th Place Match
Joey Bianchi (Little Rock) 4-9, RS Fr. over Brock Rogers (CSU Bakersfield) 1-4, RS Fr. (Dec 6-4)


1st Place – Anthony Valencia of Arizona State University
2nd Place – Shane Griffith of Stanford
3rd Place – Matt Olguin of Oregon State
4th Place – Adam Kemp of Cal Poly
5th Place – Alex Hernandez of Little Rock
6th Place – Hunter LaRue of CSU Bakersfield

1st Place Match
Anthony Valencia (Arizona State University) 11-0, RS So. over Shane Griffith (Stanford) 7-1, RS So. (Dec 7-1)

3rd Place Match
Matt Olguin (Oregon State) 3-1, RS Fr. over Adam Kemp (Cal Poly) 4-5, Jr. (TB-1 2-1)

5th Place Match
Alex Hernandez (Little Rock) 4-10, Fr. over Hunter LaRue (CSU Bakersfield) 0-5, RS Jr. (Dec 7-3)


1st Place – Bernie Truax of Cal Poly
2nd Place – Trey Munoz of Arizona State University
3rd Place – Triston Wills of Little Rock
4th Place – Albert Urias of CSU Bakersfield
5th Place – Colton Beisley of Oregon State
6th Place – Elijah Clever of Stanford

1st Place Match
Bernie Truax (Cal Poly) 10-1, RS So. over Trey Munoz (Arizona State University) 6-2, So. (MD 11-2)

3rd Place Match
Triston Wills (Little Rock) 8-9, RS Fr. over Albert Urias (CSU Bakersfield) 3-3, RS So. (Dec 10-7)

5th Place Match
Colton Beisley (Oregon State) 3-7, RS Jr. over Elijah Clever (Stanford) 1-6, Fr. (TF-1.5 6:46 (19-3))


1st Place – Dom Ducharme of CSU Bakersfield
2nd Place – Ryan Reyes of Oregon State
3rd Place – Cade Belshay of Arizona State University
4th Place – Dylan Miracle of Cal Poly
5th Place – Jared Hill of Stanford
6th Place – Tanner Mendoza of Little Rock

1st Place Match
Dom Ducharme (CSU Bakersfield) 5-0, RS Sr. over Ryan Reyes (Oregon State) 5-4, So. (TB-1 3-2)

3rd Place Match
Cade Belshay (Arizona State University) 5-6, Sr. over Dylan Miracle (Cal Poly) 3-4, Jr. (Fall 2:31)

5th Place Match
Jared Hill (Stanford) 4-7, RS Sr. over Tanner Mendoza (Little Rock) 4-10, RS Fr. (Dec 5-2)


1st Place – Kordell Norfleet of Arizona State University
2nd Place – J.J Dixon of Oregon State
3rd Place – Nick Stemmet of Stanford
4th Place – Trevor Tinker of Cal Poly
5th Place – Josh Loomer of CSU Bakersfield
6th Place – Dylan Johnson of Little Rock

1st Place Match
Kordell Norfleet (Arizona State University) 10-0, Sr. over J.J Dixon (Oregon State) 6-4, Jr. (MD 16-4)

3rd Place Match
Nick Stemmet (Stanford) 7-2, Fr. over Trevor Tinker (Cal Poly) 3-6, RS Fr. (Dec 10-4)

5th Place Match
Josh Loomer (CSU Bakersfield) 4-2, RS Jr. over Dylan Johnson (Little Rock) 4-12, Sr. (Fall 1:13)


1st Place – Cohlton Schultz of Arizona State University
2nd Place – Nathan Traxler of Stanford
3rd Place – Sam Aguilar of Cal Poly
4th Place – Jacob Sieder of CSU Bakersfield
5th Place – Gabe Beyer of Little Rock
6th Place – Brian Barnes of Oregon State

1st Place Match
Cohlton Schultz (Arizona State University) 13-0, So. over Nathan Traxler (Stanford) 7-2, RS Sr. (Dec 3-1)

3rd Place Match
Sam Aguilar (Cal Poly) 7-2, RS Jr. over Jacob Sieder (CSU Bakersfield) 4-3, RS Sr. (Fall 1:42)

5th Place Match
Gabe Beyer (Little Rock) 7-9, RS Fr. over Brian Barnes (Oregon State) 1-7, RS Jr. (Fall 3:16)

RESULTS: 2021 ACC Championships

Team Scores

1 NC State 89.5
2 Virginia Tech 65.5
3 North Carolina 63.0
4 Virginia 55.0
5 Pittsburgh 45.0
6 Duke 7.5


1st Place – Sam Latona of Virginia Tech
2nd Place – Jakob Camacho of NC State
3rd Place – Patrick McCormick of Virginia
4th Place – Wil Guida of North Carolina

1st Place Match
Sam Latona (Virginia Tech) 2-0, RS Fr. over Jakob Camacho (NC State) 1-1, RS So. (TB-1 2-1)

3rd Place Match
Patrick McCormick (Virginia) 3-1, Jr. over Wil Guida (North Carolina) 1-2, Fr. (Dec 6-1)


1st Place – Korbin Myers of Virginia Tech
2nd Place – Micky Phillippi of Pittsburgh
3rd Place – Louie Hayes of Virginia
4th Place – Jarrett Trombley of NC State

1st Place Match
Korbin Myers (Virginia Tech) 2-0, RS Sr. over Micky Phillippi (Pittsburgh) 1-1, RS Jr. (Dec 3-1)

3rd Place Match
Louie Hayes (Virginia) 3-1, RS Sr. over Jarrett Trombley (NC State) 1-2, RS So. (Dec 3-2)


1st Place – Tariq Wilson of NC State
2nd Place – Zachary Sherman of North Carolina
3rd Place – Cole Matthews of Pittsburgh
4th Place – Brian Courtney of Virginia

1st Place Match
Tariq Wilson (NC State) 2-0, RS Sr. over Zachary Sherman (North Carolina) 1-1, Sr. (MD 10-1)

3rd Place Match
Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh) 3-1, RS So. over Brian Courtney (Virginia) 2-2, RS Jr. (MD 14-5)


1st Place – Austin O`Connor of North Carolina
2nd Place – Bryce Andonian of Virginia Tech
3rd Place – Josh Finesilver of Duke
4th Place – Ed Scott of NC State

1st Place Match
Austin O`Connor (North Carolina) 2-0, Sr. over Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech) 1-1, So. (Dec 10-8)

3rd Place Match
Josh Finesilver (Duke) 6-3, Sr. over Ed Scott (NC State) 2-2, Fr. (Dec 10-5)


1st Place – Hayden Hidlay of NC State
2nd Place – Justin McCoy of Virginia
3rd Place – Connor Brady of Virginia Tech
4th Place – Joshua McClure of North Carolina

1st Place Match
Hayden Hidlay (NC State) 2-0, RS Sr. over Justin McCoy (Virginia) 1-1, Jr. (MD 12-3)

3rd Place Match
Connor Brady (Virginia Tech) 3-1, RS Fr. over Joshua McClure (North Carolina) 2-2, RS Fr. (Dec 4-3)


1st Place – Jake Wentzel of Pittsburgh
2nd Place – Jake Keating of Virginia
3rd Place – Thomas Bullard of NC State
4th Place – Kennedy Monday of North Carolina

1st Place Match
Jake Wentzel (Pittsburgh) 2-0, RS Sr. over Jake Keating (Virginia) 2-1, Sr. (Dec 4-0)

3rd Place Match
Thomas Bullard (NC State) 2-1, RS Sr. over Kennedy Monday (North Carolina) 2-2, RS Fr. (SV-1 6-4)


1st Place – Daniel Bullard of NC State
2nd Place – Clay Lautt of North Carolina
3rd Place – Cody Howard of Virginia Tech
4th Place – Victor Marcelli of Virginia

1st Place Match
Daniel Bullard (NC State) 2-0, RS Sr. over Clay Lautt (North Carolina) 1-1, Sr. (SV-1 4-2)

3rd Place Match
Cody Howard (Virginia Tech) 3-1, RS So. over Victor Marcelli (Virginia) 2-2, Jr. (SV-1 11-9)


1st Place – Trent Hidlay of NC State
2nd Place – Hunter Bolen of Virginia Tech
3rd Place – Devin Kane of North Carolina
4th Place – Gregg Harvey of Pittsburgh

1st Place Match
Trent Hidlay (NC State) 2-0, RS So. over Hunter Bolen (Virginia Tech) 1-1, RS Jr. (SV-1 3-1)

3rd Place Match
Devin Kane (North Carolina) 3-1, RS Fr. over Gregg Harvey (Pittsburgh) 2-2, RS Sr. (MD 11-3)


1st Place – Nino Bonaccorsi of Pittsburgh
2nd Place – Jay Aiello of Virginia
3rd Place – Max Shaw of North Carolina
4th Place – Nick Reenan of NC State

1st Place Match
Nino Bonaccorsi (Pittsburgh) 2-0, RS Jr. over Jay Aiello (Virginia) 1-1, RS Sr. (Dec 10-4)

3rd Place Match
Max Shaw (North Carolina) 3-1, So. over Nick Reenan (NC State) 2-2, RS Sr. (Dec 5-3)


1st Place – Deonte Wilson of NC State
2nd Place – Hunter Catka of Virginia Tech
3rd Place – Quinn Miller of Virginia
4th Place – Andrew Gunning of North Carolina

1st Place Match
Deonte Wilson (NC State) 2-0, Jr. over Hunter Catka (Virginia Tech) 2-1, . (TB-1 2-1)

3rd Place Match
Quinn Miller (Virginia) 2-1, RS Jr. over Andrew Gunning (North Carolina) 2-2, RS Fr. (Dec 4-2)

RESULTS: 2021 MAC Championship

Results for the 2021 MAC Championship below.

Team Scores

1 Missouri 188.5
2 Central Michigan 129.0
3 Rider 120.5
4 Northern Illinois 90.0
5 Edinboro 80.0
6 Cleveland State 68.0
7 Clarion 57.5
8 Kent State 54.0
9 Buffalo 44.0
10 SIU Edwardsville 43.5
11 George Mason 35.0
12 Ohio 34.0
13 Bloomsburg 28.5
14 Lock Haven 15.0

NCAA 125

1st Place Match – Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan) won by decision over Noah Surtin (Missouri) Dec 6-1

3rd Place Match – Jake Ferri (Kent State) won by decision over Jonathan Tropea (Rider) Dec 14-9

5th Place Match – Luke Werner (Lock Haven) won by decision over Josh Jones (George Mason) Dec 6-1

7th Place Match – Lucas Rodriguez (Edinboro) won by decision over Tristan Daugherty (Buffalo) Dec 2-1

NCAA 133

1st Place Match – Matt Schmitt (Missouri) won by decision over Richie Koehler (Rider) Dec 9-6

3rd Place Match – Mario Guillen (Ohio) won by fall over Cole Rhone (Bloomsburg) Fall 2:23

5th Place Match – Bryce West (Northern Illinois) won by injury default over Aaron Schulist (SIU Edwardsville) Inj. 0:00

7th Place Match – Andrew Marten (Central Michigan) won by decision over Brendon Fenton (Kent State) Dec 7-2

NCAA 141

1st Place Match – Dresden Simon (Central Michigan) won by decision over McKenzie Bell (Rider) Dec 12-5

3rd Place Match – Allan Hart (Missouri) won by major decision over Saul Ervin (SIU Edwardsville) Maj 8-0

5th Place Match – Gabe Willochell (Edinboro) won by fall over Derek Spann (Buffalo) Fall 5:27

7th Place Match – Josh Mason (Bloomsburg) won by fall over Kyle Schickel (Clarion) Fall 4:04

NCAA 149

1st Place Match – Brock Mauller (Missouri) won by decision over Marcus Robinson (Cleveland State) Dec 6-0

3rd Place Match – Anthony Cheloni (Northern Illinois) won by decision over Kody Komara (Kent State) Dec 1-0

5th Place Match – Tyler Vath (Edinboro) won by decision over Wyatt McCarthy (Rider) Dec 8-7

7th Place Match – Corbyn Munson (Central Michigan) won by forfeit over Cardeionte Wilson (SIU Edwardsville) FF

NCAA 157

1st Place Match – Jesse Dellavecchia (Rider) won by decision over Jarrett Jacques (Missouri) Dec 3-2

3rd Place Match – Johnny Lovett (Central Michigan) won by major decision over Peter Pappas (Edinboro) Maj 10-2

5th Place Match – Michael Petite (Buffalo) won by fall over Daniel Patten (Cleveland State) Fall 1:58

7th Place Match – Daniel Segura (George Mason) won by decision over Alex Carida (Bloomsburg) Dec 5-2

NCAA 165

1st Place Match – Keegan O`Toole (Missouri) won by decision over Izzak Olejnik (Northern Illinois) Dec 6-2

3rd Place Match – Alex Cramer (Central Michigan) won by decision over Riley Smucker (Cleveland State) Dec 4-3

5th Place Match – Jake Silverstein (Rider) won by decision over Kolby Ho (Clarion) Dec 6-2

7th Place Match – Colt Yinger (Ohio) won by decision over Neil Schuster (George Mason) Dec 4-2

NCAA 174

1st Place Match – Andrew McNally (Kent State) won by decision over Peyton Mocco (Missouri) Dec 8-7

3rd Place Match – Jacob Oliver (Edinboro) won in sudden victory – 1 over Mason Kauffman (Northern Illinois) SV-1 5-4

5th Place Match – John Worthing (Clarion) won by decision over Paul Pierce (George Mason) Dec 5-4

7th Place Match – Jake Lowell (Central Michigan) won by tech fall over Anthony Rice (Cleveland State) TF 15-0

NCAA 184

1st Place Match – Brit Wilson (Northern Illinois) won by fall over Jeremiah Kent (Missouri) Fall 4:33

3rd Place Match – DeAndre Nassar (Cleveland State) won in sudden victory – 3 over Max Wohlabaugh (Clarion) SV-3 5-3

5th Place Match – Ethan Ducca (Edinboro) won by decision over George Walton (Rider) Dec 5-2

7th Place Match – Ben Cushman (Central Michigan) won by decision over Ryan Yarnell (SIU Edwardsville) Dec 13-6

NCAA 197

1st Place Match – Rocky Elam (Missouri) won by decision over Ben Smith (Cleveland State) Dec 10-4

3rd Place Match – Greg Bulsak (Clarion) won by major decision over Matt Correnti (Rider) Maj 10-2

5th Place Match – Gage Braun (Northern Illinois) won by decision over Jake Walker (Ohio) Dec 8-2

7th Place Match – Landon Pelham (Central Michigan) won by decision over Austin Stith (George Mason) Dec 10-3

NCAA 285

1st Place Match – Matt Stencel (Central Michigan) won by decision over Ethan Laird (Rider) Dec 8-2

3rd Place Match – Zach Elam (Missouri) won by decision over Jon Spaulding (Edinboro) Dec 3-0

5th Place Match – Sam Schuyler (Buffalo) won by decision over Colton McKiernan (SIU Edwardsville) Dec 7-5

7th Place Match – Max Ihry (Northern Illinois) won by decision over Tyler Bagoly (Clarion) Dec 5-2